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Party 4 Paws Pet Fair


Saturday, August 26, 2023

12 pm - 6 pm

Rain Date: Sunday, August 27, 2023

12 pm - 6 pm


Trinity Bellwoods Park

790 Queen St. W.

Toronto, ON

M6J 1G3

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Our mission is to raise funds for local animal rescues. Since 2012, we have raised funds to help rescues buy food and supplies, pay for vet bills, and implement a trap neuter-and-spay program for cats. We are dedicated volunteers who believe every pet should have a loving and caring home. Guardian's Best Animal Rescue Foundation is also dedicated to celebrating people who have adopted their pets.


This is why we started the Rescue Heroes campaign. As seen on our Instagram page, we honour people who have adopted their pets, reducing the stigma surrounding pet adoption. We also host the Party 4 Paws Pet Fair in downtown Toronto, and it has become our largest fundraising event of the year. Other fundraising efforts include a Be Kind to Animals to pin, fridge magnets, and t-shirts.



How you can help:

  • Donate: Every penny will improve the lives of animals.

  • Follow us Facebook, Twitter (@Guardiansbest), Instagram (Guardiansbest) and YouTube.

  • Volunteer with us in Toronto or Montreal. Contact us here.

Enjoy our website and tell us what you think at

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Read the latest news and upcoming events in the animal rescue world across Ontario and Quebec.

From picture to picture perfect home


Interview by Melanie Dziengo


All that separated Jennifer Guest and her future dog, Willa, was a 5,000 km road trip. So, she travelled from Toronto to Houston, Texas in October 2018 to meet the dog she only knew from a picture. Read on to learn about her road trip, how Willa’s name came to be, and what it’s like to adopt a dog in a different country.  

I adopted Willa Houston from a rescue organization in Houston, called Dachshund Rescue, Education & Adoption Mission (DREAM).

That was in October 2018, when she was 1.5-years-old, so she will be 4-years-old this year. They chose July 13 as her birthday, and I’ve kept that up, but I tend to celebrate her “gotcha” day more, which is October 4.

When life gives you a Lemon 
Interview by Melanie Dziengo

Photo courtesy of _taygenny




She’s the sweetest Lemon you’ll ever meet, according to her owner, Taylor Remez. Lemon, who is a mixed breed, was adopted from Canine Haven Rescue in 2017, and immediately fit right into Taylor’s life. Read on to find out more about the adoption process, Lemon’s school trips, and the funniest parts of Lemon’s personality. 


How old is Lemon, and how long have you had her?

Lemon is 3.5-half-years-old right now! She was eleven months old when I got her, and it will be three years of having her this coming September. I actually stumbled upon her on Petfinder, and it took me to Canine Haven’s website.

High Park's Hip Check Ninja 


Interview by Melanie Dziengo

Photo courtesy of

Look at Charlie! You’d never guess he was rescued from a meat factory in South Korea. But, now living in Toronto’s High Park neighbourhood, Charlie has become a “hip check ninja,” according to his owner, John Bory, who adopted him from KOCA Dog Rescue in September 2019. Read on to find out more about Charlie’s adoption tale, and about how he’s two different dogs — depending on where Charlie is. 

How old is Charlie and how long have you had him? 

We have had Charlie, a jindo-kooiker mix, since September 2019, when he was almost 3-years-old. We found him on Petfinder initially, and submitted an application on the KOCA Dog Rescue website.

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