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7 Questions with Moggy's Mission

Program Director: AMANDA SCULLY
Location: Windsor, ON (since 2013)
Animals rescued: cats (and dogs)


Interview by Allan Tong


(November 2018)



Who is Moggy?
Moggy’s Mission was founded in April 2013 in Windsor, Ontario by Lauren Edwards (pictured above on the right, me on the left). Her late cat, Max (aka Moggy) inspired the rescue. Max/Moggy was rescued in 2011 as a four-month-old kitten. He had a severe upper respiratory infection that he just couldn’t get over. He went through six courses of antibiotics and was on steroids over the next few months. At one point, he began urinating blood and one of his kidneys swelled up. It was never known if Max would survive his first year, but he did. His health was up and down, though he remains an easygoing, happy cat. In September 2015, Max was diagnosed with heart disease. He visited a cardiologist in Michigan regularly until he recently passed away last August of heart failure. Lauren adopted Max adopted early (but his vet bills were never covered by Moggy's).























What is a typical day at your rescue like?
Each day we have wonderful volunteers care for the cats at our main shelter, in foster, as well as at Pet Valu Westminster, Riverside, and St. Clair Beach. We currently have 30 cats in our shelter, and 20 between the fosters and the stores. We give all cats their medication, food, water, then clean their litter and cages. We do lots of socializing. Some days have vet visits, adoptions, meet-and-greets, and volunteers going out to do rescue missions themselves.




























How do you meet Lauren?

We were connected by a mutual friend. He knew we both wanted to rescue animals and start a farm sanctuary.


What are the aims of Moggy's Mission?
Since 2013, our group of compassionate volunteers have teamed together to rescue and re-home over 700 cats and kittens. In September 2017, our group travelled to Texas after Hurricane Harvey to rescue and bring home 23 cats and dogs. This experience inspired us to expand Moggy’s Mission into not only a shelter for cats and kittens but for all pets (including dogs, small animals and reptiles). Our team is dedicated to providing a top-level of care. We are a no-kill shelter. With our new location in Tecumseh, ON we are proud to fundraise by offering unique and exciting events such as cat yoga and the areas like the  first cat café. We are a volunteer-run program with all proceeds going entirely back to the rescue animals.
























How did you yourself get involved in animal rescues? 
I have always loved animals and own rescue animals myself. Once I connected with the founder, Lauren, I couldn't wait to get started with volunteering. I have been using my compassion for animals and my event-planning background. (I've done event-planning jobs in the past jobs and had my own business.) to fundraise. reat way to launch my career. I use my educational training to educate people on the #adoptdontshop ideology.



























What rescue has inspired you the most?
Moggy's Mission and Charlotte's Freedom Farm continue to inspire me each day as I am directly involved with the animals. Originally I was inspired by Rancho Relaxo and Cedar Row. 
Rancho Relaxo's founder, Caitlyn, does a great job telling her story and sharing her journey with the animals. She shed so much positivity on the impact you can make on animals. I felt an instant connection.





























What is one thing you've learned from animal rescuing?
I've learned that you can't save the world by rescuing one animal but you can change the world for that animal. 


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