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Five tips to prevent pet theft

by Medeea Hanko

(April 2, 2019)


Have you experienced pet theft recently or in the past? You are not alone. According to an article in the Vancouver Sun, approximately 10 million pets go missing in North America each year. Toronto is a big city and pet theft can happen, and while the police don’t have a specific number of how many cases there are a year, they want pet owners to be aware that it happens often. Pet theft is a serious occurrence, and people who steal pets can profit by selling them. So, here are some tips and advice to keep your pets safe this spring and summer.


  1. Microchip your pets; Your pet’s information will be entered into a recovery database in case her or she gets lost or stolen, and your pet can then be returned when found.

  2. Make sure your backyard is fenced, and not visible to strangers. Also, never leave your pet outside unattended.

  3. When at home, always supervise your pets. If running an errand, think twice before taking your dog with you because you will have to leave your pet outside the store, leaving him or her vulnerable to snatching. If you must take your dog with you, have a trusted friend or family member watch him or her so you can go inside the store.

  4. Never leave your pet in a car unattended; pets should be treated like children, and you must keep a watchful eye over them all the time.

  5. In case your pet is stolen, raise the alarm in your neighbourhood by putting up posters, and list your pet as missing — not stolen — as this may cause the person who finds your pet to become too afraid to return it.

Pet theft occurs frequently, and pet owners are advised to follow the necessary steps to prevent it and keep their pets safe. Being cautious wherever you go with your pets will minimize the risk of stealing. Make sure your pets are protected — after all they are your best friends.






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