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August 2019


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Here's our August newsletter, highlighting the latest news on animal rescues and animal welfare across Quebec and Ontario (click the bolded words to read the full stories). If you have any news or upcoming events you'd like us to share next month, send us an email at


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Melanie Dziengo 

Important reminders: We are hosting an event called Party 4 Pets: Pet Fair and Adoption Day on August 3, 2019. There will be adoptable animals, treats for your furry friends, various pet supply vendors. If you’re interested, please click here to learn more about the event. 


During the summer, the average temperature in Quebec and Ontario hits 27°C. Within 10 minutes, a car’s temperature can spike to 37°C. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your pets. Please do not leave them in the car, even with the windows rolled down.

Article of the Month
















 Tips for proper dog etiquette in public places


by Lauren Park

 (August 1, 2019)

You love your dog, we love your dog, but is everyone around you comfortable? In any public place, responsible pet parents must be mindful of etiquette. Here are the golden rules of exploring community spaces with your four-legged friend. 


At dog parks


Please pick up after your dog and ensure that your pet has a valid identification tag, and keep your pup within the designated dog area. Always remain aware of your pet and your surroundings, and leave immediately if your dog becomes anxious or aggressive.


Never bring a non-neutered, non-spayed, or parasite-infested dog to the park, and don’t throw a toy to your dog if other dogs are fighting to catch it. Never try to physically stop two dogs from fighting.


On public transit


Check the regulations set out by the transit system. Some municipalities allow dogs to travel only during off-peak hours, or require pets to be in carriers. Otherwise, keep your dog on-leash.

Keeping your dog well socialized will help them cope with all the strange smells, sights, and sounds on public transit. Bring chew toys, treats, water, and whatever else you’ll need to keep your dog entertained and calm.


At the vet


If it’s your dog’s first visit, arrive early to fill out any paperwork. In the waiting room, keep your pet on a leash and sitting close to you so you can easily control them. If your dog has an accident or is not friendly with other animals, please let a staff member know. Don’t forget the treats, a chew toy, or your pup’s favourite blanket!


At pet stores


Unless your dog is friendly with other animals, bypass the areas where other animals are located or consider leaving your dog at home. Keep your dog on a leash with only a little slack, allow your dog to greet people only when they ask, and be mindful of other shoppers’ personal space. Take your dog out to potty before going into the store, but if an accident happens, alert an employee and offer to clean it up yourself.

Visiting friends


Even if pets have been welcomed in the past, ensure that everyone in the house is okay with having a dog around. Exercise your pet to help exhaust their pent-up energy. Keeping them distracted with a toy will help minimize barking. For longer stays, establish rules immediately, such as where the dog will be allowed and which areas are off-limits. Of course, you’ll want to leave your host’s home as clean as you found it!


By observing these few simple rules, you can help your dog demonstrate his best behaviour when out and about. We wish you a wonderful month of August, soaking up the sunshine with your four-legged friend!

















The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has found 16 brands of dog food have been linked in a potentially lethal heart condition in which the heart’s muscle wall thins, weakening the heart, and making it difficult to pump blood. The majority of the products were labelled grain free, and another majority contained peas, lentils, or potatoes.


 Nine dogs have died in a fire at a King Township kennel in Ontario. The Office of the Ontario Fire Marshal is investigating.  











An Ontario man and his dog, are walking across western Canada to raise awareness about the lack of shelters who accept people and their pets. But, the tide is changing in the time James Caughill started his walk, shelters that allow animals have opened.


A Toronto condo building has found an innovative solution to deal with dog poop  — turning it into energy. After the waste is taken of its bags and collected, it goes to a waste-to-energy facility, diverting the poop from landfills.
















Montrealer pet owners say there is a lack of rental housing options for them because most of the options have a no pet clause. This may lead to people having to choose between a place to live and their pets.

 Two sisters from Ontario have been travelling across Canada for two years  — on horseback — to raise money for the Lions Foundation of Canada for Guide Dogs.


Ontario has launched a 24-hour animal cruelty hotline. This comes after the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals announced it will not enforce animal welfare legislation. The hotline is meant to “keep animals safe, as the province transitions to a new system that is more robust, transparent, and accountable,” according to the Solicitor General.

Since cannabis was legalized last October, CBD has also become popular. Without the psychoactive effects, there are health issues that can be addressed without getting high. And, pet owners are looking to use CBD on their pets. But, not much is known about its direct effects on animals, particularly on their brains.



A study has shown that suggests most cats have continued to gain weight well into adulthood, and that cats are heavier now than they were 20 years ago. The study looked at 19 million cats across Canada and the United States, and was conducted by researchers at the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph.

Helpaws, a rescue that brings animals from St. Lucia to Toronto, is allegedly having trouble with Air Canada in flying adopted dogs to Canada. They say that they can only get dogs on one of two flights out of St. Lucia, and have to reduce the number of dogs allowed on the flight from 8-12 to four. This has left the rescue in St. Lucia overcrowded and the people in Toronto without their dogs.


A Conservative Member of Parliament is asking for better rules for service animals in public spaces. Michelle Rempel’s husband has a service dog for emotional support, as he is a United States military veteran, and while the dog has all of the documentation, they still face barriers when travelling and go about in public.

A potential poisoning has occurred in a Toronto neighbourhood after some wild animals were found dead. The substance, which had been mixed with peanut butter, has since been removed. Toronto Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the person responsible for the act.




Want to keep your pets safe during the summer heat? Click here to read more.

Choosing the best dog for your family takes more work than going with the first dog you fall in love with. Other factors to consider are: breed, temperament, and exercise requirements.

























A lawsuit has been filed in Quebec Superior Court by pet stores and pet suppliers in regards to a Montreal bylaws that forces stores and suppliers to only get shelter animals. The lawsuit raises a number of concerns such as alleging pet stores are more reliable in giving animals care than shelters are.

Declawing cats is still allowed in Quebec, and because of differences in provincial laws, l’Ordre des médecins vétérinaires du Québec is not legally allowed to ban the procedure. So, their solution is to discourage declawing through public education, and letting them know about alternatives such as using scratching posts.

A retired lawyer from Ontario is trying to have animal activists get the right to speak up for animals in legal settings. The case is related to retailers selling glue traps and other similar products, that trap rodents, delaying their deaths. When the retailers filed a motion arguing against that claim, the lawyer, Sandra Schurr, argued ruled surrounding animal activism, and who has the right to speak on their behalf, have been relaxed.

The British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is warning dog owners about the dangers of pets ingesting marijuana, after an 11-week old puppy almost died of an overdose.

Events of the Month

Hamilton, ON - Aug. 10, 2019 -  The Canadian Dachshund Rescue of Ontario is hosting Wiener-Paw-Looza. There will be raffles, a wiener dog race, games and a BBQ.

Toronto, ON -  Aug. 10, 2019 -  The Toronto Humane Society is hosting Paws in the Park at Woodbine Beach. There will be animal adoptions (but their adoption standards still apply), dog training sessions, a silent auction, and pet photo booths.

London, ON - Aug. 17, 2019 - Pawlooza is being hosted at the Plunkett Estate in west London. It is a party for dogs and animal lovers alike. Your dog can participate in dock diving, go swimming, or go off-leash in the fun zone. You can shop for supplies, bid in a silent auction, and get some free samples. Admission is $10, and is all for charity. 

Pointe-Claire, Que. - Aug. 17, 2019 - Studio Balletvolution’s fundraiser for Animatch Dog Adoption will include a dog adoption fair and meet and greet, raffles, and a dance class with all proceeds going towards Animatch. 


Toronto, ON - Aug. 18, 2019 -  Cause 4 Paws Toronto is hosting a doggie reunion at Scarborough Heights’ off-leash dog park.


Stouffville, ON - Aug. 24, 2019 - A Mutt Masquerade is being hosted by Scruffy Muttz Dog Grooming and Pet 1st Aid. There will be a fashion show in the afternoon, and vendors like Pet Valu will be in attendance. 

Laval, Que. - Aug. 31-Sept. 1, 2019 (rain date: Sept. 2) -  Dog Fest 2019 is being held at Laval Junior Academy. There will be a lure course, a dog diving show, and other surprises.

Pets of the Month

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