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January 2019


Dear animal lover,



Here's our January newsletter, highlighting the latest news on animal rescues and animal welfare across Quebec and Ontario (click the bolded words to read the full stories). If you have any news or upcoming events you'd like us to share next month, send us an email at


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Melanie Dziengo 

Articles of the Month




















By: Melanie Dziengo

What do voting, jury duty and trapping, neutering, and returning (TNR) cats have in common? They are all civic duties, of course! And, while you may not see them often, feral cats do live in and around your neighbourhood, with estimates being 20,000-100,000 cats in Toronto.


If you’re in the City of Toronto, you can sign-up to become a certified caretaker through Community Cats Toronto. Doing so will get you perks such as free trap rentals (you have to put down a deposit, if you go through Toronto Animal Services), or use of the recovery centre in Scarborough if you do not have a space for the cats to recover from their surgeries.


The course costs $20 online, and $25 if you pay at the door the day of, and is only a few hours on a Saturday. The course covers topics such as community relations, the TNR process, and winter shelters, and provides more tips and tricks. You will also receive a handbook that is over 200 pages. It gives more information than the course itself can cover such as what to do if you trap an animal other than a cat, which traps are appropriate to use, and how to build winter shelters. Finally, at the break you can operate the traps yourself to get a feel for them for when you’re actually trapping cats.


Dogs, cats, and... Canada geese?! It's a sight to see at C4P Animal Rescue. You can read our latest article on the rescue here.


















 The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has told frontline officers to stop euthanizing pit bulls that are involved in attacks, saying the law violates the society’s mission.


The Toronto veterinary clinic, Downtown Animal Hospital, is putting pets’ mental health on an even playing field to their physical health, especially when it comes to rescue animals, by becoming Canada’s first fear-free certified” practice.  













Your pets can now have access to telemedicine with a vet based in your community.

The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is looking for unsocialized cats to take on the role of mouser — cats who kill mice — for farms, warehouses, and breweries.
















A Montreal veterinarian is offering services such as vaccines and microchips to pets whose owners are homeless.



 Your pets may also feel the winter blues. One British veterinary survey found one-in-three dogs seem down during the winter.


 An Alberta photographer has photographed numerous dogs in order to show off their personalities to help them find their forever homes.


California is the first American state to ban the sale of cosmetics that have been tested on animals.  

Events of the Month

Toronto, ON - January 6, 2019 - Hot Docs is showing Pugly- A Pug’s Life. It’s a documentary that follows three rescued pugs and the people who love the adorable breed.


Montreal, Que. - January 9, 2019- The Montreal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is holding an event for kids aged 8-12 with interactive workshops like taking a tour of the shelter.


Toronto, ON - January 27, 2019 - Stray Paws From Greece Dog Rescue is holding a fundraiser at a dog-friendly brewery.  

Pets of the Month

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