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Saving Korea's Dogs


by Allan Tong



Every year, millions of dogs in South Korea are killed to make dog meat soup. Many are tortured before they are slaughtered, given the belief among some Koreans that the more a dog suffers, the tastier the meat. The Korean law surrounding this industry lies in a grey area and is a political landmine. However, a group of Toronto dog lovers, Free Korean Dogs, is fighting this vile industry. Since 2015, this Toronto non-profit has been encouraging Canadians from Ontario, B.C. and Quebec to adopt dogs from South Korea, topping 600 to date.

































Like other rescues, Free Korean Dogs has an application and vetting process. First, select a dog from an available list, then apply online. A week or so later, an adoption facilitator will interview the adopter, then conduct a home visit to determine it's a suitable living environment. Expect a reference check, then sign an adoption agreement and pay a C$720 (including tax) fee which helps cover the dog's transportation costs from South Korea. The dog will arrive in Canada in roughly two to four weeks. 























Rest assured that all dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped and have completed standard quarantine and vaccination processes at partner animal hospitals in South Korea.


"The dogs we send to Canada meet all health standards and we have all required documents," says FKD board member, William Wong who himself adopted a dog. Adopters receive a health certificate that shows their dog has received vaccinations for Rabies, DHPPL, Influenza, and Kennel Cough. Each dog also must have proof of completing Giardia and Heartworm tests. The dogs were rescued by six partner rescues and shelters in South Korea.


Meanwhile, Free Korean Dogs continues to campaign to end the dog slaughter. FKD held a demonstration on July 28 at Toronto's Christie Pits in Koreatown.






































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