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The 2017 Party4Paws was held November 25 at Montreal's Monkland Community to honour those fine folks in Quebec and Ontario who donate their time rescuing animals.  It's deeply gratifying to be acknowledged and appreciated," Caroline Kemp said (below, top-left photo, holding the KIND bag). The graphic designer and mother of two teenage two daughters accepted the 2017 Quebec Rescuer of the Year Award on behalf of Frontier Animal Society, based in Stanstead near Montreal. "Most of the work we do is quietly and away from the spotlight," said Kemp. "The $2,000 grant we received tonight will help build a section in our shelter for young kittens. These kittens will eventually be placed in foster homes waiting to be adopted."


The annual fundraiser raised over a thousand dollars to benefit Quebec and Ontario rescues. More than two dozen Montrealers received Unsung Hero Awards for their help in making this world a kinder place for animals:


Ann McGuigan, Claude Lynn Leger, Carole Dandurand, Suzannah Vanson, Jane Blanchard, Reem Chidiac, Stephanie Lynch, Andreanne Bilodeau, Sofia Hadjis, Amelie-Maude Lemire, Linda Heimann, Lucy Tangie, Barb Hill, Rick Hinojosa, Yvonne Richard, Tiffany Stevanovich, Jody Henderson, Caroline Freeman, Janet Rokas, Julie Lafontaine, Daniel Magnone, Francois Leclerc, Jessica Scott-Reid, Annie Lortie, Tammie Benoit, Karen Messier and Zaf Koty


The next Party4Paws will take place in October 2018. Details will be announced here.


Click each photo to read the names and details:

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