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Boxer Rescue Ontario: Saving one dog at a time


By Leslie Emmons​

(Posted in 2014)

Almost five years ago, Laura Fyffe attended a fundraising event for Boxer Rescue Ontario and ended up turning her love of the breed into a profession. The proud owner of two boxers, became the Director of Fundraising/Events for the organization and we caught up her to learn more about her experiences working with man’s—and of course women’s best friend!


How did Boxer Rescue Ontario begin, and who was involved in that process?

Boxer Rescue Ontario has been in existence since 2000. Initially we were part of Boxer Rescue Canada. Due to the volume of dogs coming from all over Ontario, we decided to branch out on our own. What are the main reasons people give when they bring their dog to BRO?It could be medical reasons, their lifestyle changes, financial reasons, moving or just not being ready for the commitment of a dog, or even a puppy.


What should potential dog owners know before they bring a dog home?

They should have knowledge about the breed and the dog’s characteristics. They should know about medical issues, and [the fact that dogs] need a lot of exercise.


Is there a rescue success story that’s particularly close to your heart?

We have many success stories however one that particularly stands out is a dog named Primo that was surrendered to us for medical reasons. He was very sick when he came into BRO at a year-old and only weighing 27lbs! Primo had bad diarrhea and was eventually diagnosed with Histiocytic Ulcerative Colitis. We did not know if we could save him.


He came in with a huge heart and big brown eyes pleading for our help. After many weeks of vetting bills and patience, Primo was able be placed in foster care. Our Finance/Adoption Director Barb Maclean immediately put her hand up to foster this beautiful boxer back to health and successfully got him ready for his forever home!!


He has since been adopted by a wonderful gal. She is a volunteer for BRO and brings him to our events. Many of our supporters followed this heartwarming story on Primo and we are so happy and proud to show him off at our events!!



What would you say is the hardest part of your job and the easiest part of your job?

The Easiest would be meeting great people that want to volunteer their time for the love of the breed. The hardest part is having to make those decisions that involve euthanizing a dog.


Tell me about your boxers!

I am the owner of two rescues. Nine-year-old Layla and Five-year-old Tanum. Layla was rescued when she was approximately 17-months-old. [In her previous home] she was left alone in an apartment for 10 to 12 hours a day and had separation anxiety.


Tanum was rescued from a family who was too busy and was also having a second child. Tanum and Layla are the best of friends! They’re goofy and they love to play. They’re trustworthy and are always wanting to give—oh yes and they can be stubborn! Tanum is a big ham and very, very social. I bring him to most of the shows we do throughout the year, as he is a good ambassador for BRO!


What goals do you look to accomplish within BRO and what goals are you proud to have already accomplished?

Public awareness about our organization and raising much needed funds. Our motto is: Rescue One Until There Is None!! We’re proud of the number of dogs that we have successfully re-homed over the years. 200 and counting and from as far away as Kuwait!!


Feeling inspired to help? Make sure you visit Boxer Rescue Ontario’s Facebook page and website for information on volunteering, adoption, donations, helping with vetting bills, fostering or simply to ask a question!

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