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October 2018


Dear animal lover,



Here's our October newsletter, highlighting the latest news on animal rescues and animal welfare across Quebec and Ontario (click the bolded words to read the full stories). If you have any news or upcoming events you'd like us to share next month, send us an email at


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Melanie Dziengo 






















Redemption Paws, a Toronto-based not-for-profit, whose mission set up to help dogs in the wake of Hurricane Harvey last year, is still rescuing dogs. They have helped more than 250 animals so far.



Nova Scotia introduced legislation to ban unnecessary cosmetic procedures for animals. This includes removing a dog's ability to bark and ear cropping.


















A Quebec veterinarian has started a charitable foundation to help people who cannot cover the healthcare costs for their pets. The goal is to prevent abandonment and euthanasia.

Researchers from the University of Guelph's Ontario Veterinary College used 3-D printing technology to repair most of a dog's skull after it was removed due to a brain tumour.






























A cat rescue in Newfoundland, Scaredy Cat Port aux Basques, is shutting down after six years. But, due to changes in provincial law, one rescuer is changing her focus from rescuing to improving animal protection laws

Pet owners and veterinarians are being warned after an announcement from the U.S.'s Food and Drug Administration found some flea and tick medication is causing muscle tremors and seizures in cats and dogs.
























The Canadian Food Inspection Agency, who is responsible for ensuring animals are well cared for while being transported, was found to be inconsistent with their inspections, and did not do any in both Ontario and Quebec.


 A city councillor in suburban Montreal is calling on the provincial government to do more for animal welfare, while also encouraging pet owners to put more pressure on the government.

Pets of the Month

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