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July 2018

Dear Pet Lover,



Here is our July newsletter highlighting the latest news on animal rescues and animal welfare across Quebec and Ontario (click the bolded words to read the full stories). If you have any news or upcoming events you'd like us to share next month, send us an email at


Thank you & merci,
Melanie Dziengo 






Important reminder: During the summer, the average temperature in Quebec and Ontario hits 27°C. Within 10 minutes, a car’s temperature can spike to 37°C. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your pets. Please do not leave them in the car, even with the windows rolled down



Montreal will halt the use of horse-drawn calèches by the end of 2019:























The Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act has cleared the Senate. However, it still has to go to the House of Commons for approval. The problem is, it’s unlikely to pass.  


Pet stores in Montreal will now only be able to sell animals that come from shelters.


Donkeys at an Ontario sanctuary are biting bugs back in a usual way:
























The Quebec government will no longer implement a pit-bull ban due to a lack of scientific evidence about breed-specific bans:


































Members of Parliament, from three different parties, have come together to call on the Senate to allow Bill S203 -- which would ban maintaining and breeding dolphins, whales, and porpoises in captivity —
to reach the third reading:


























Montrealersrelationships with animals and the way animals are treated is changing
(for the better). And, that’s something to be proud of.





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