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Whew, what a hot summer! While the heat is tough enough for us pet owners to deal with, imagine our furry friends. 

Remember: dogs don't sweat, so they can't cool down easily. How are some tips to keep them cool in a heatwave:


Exercise outdoors

Exercise your dog in the cool of the morning and evening. This stops the heat from stressing out their systems. Exercise is best limited to slow, short 10-15 minute walks. If your dog is a ball
enthusiast, then short five-minute plays are best before heading back into air conditioning.

Keep in mind, more frequent but shorter periods of outdoor exercise and play help avoid overheating. With older dogs and those with health issues, limit backyard outings to five minutes.


More about exercise, but indoors. If the evenings are too  warm too, then air conditioning and am indoor treadmill are a wonderful combination to keep your dog happy and healthy, both mentally and physically. Treadmills are easy to adjust to your dog's needs. You can set the speed at a slow-paced walk for our older, low energy pals, and a low trot for the more energetic ones. If you have several dogs, place only one on the treadmill at a time to avoid unnecessary injury. Also, never leave them unsupervised while the treadmill is running.

Watch that tongue

A clear sign that your dog is overdoing it in the heat is a lolling tongue. This means the tongue is wide and hanging out further than usual and panting excessively. Some dogs will stop when they've had enough. Others will keep going. It's up to you to say when it's time to quit.


Water, water, water

Stay well-hydrated when it's 40 on the humidex for both you and your do. Make sure to provide your pal with fresh, cool water at regular intervals, because dehydration leads to severe health problems. If you're outside, keep a water bowl in the shade at all times. Burnt noses and tongues can lead to a negative association with water and your dog avoiding water dishes. Also, kiddy pools are a great way to help our pals cool down while having fun. Again, place them in the shade. But even water in a heatwave has a limit. Make sure your dog doesn't guzzle large quantities of water and make himself sick. Also, unexpected distractions can interrupt supervision so be sure the water is not deeper than standing shoulder height. This mean the neck and head should be completely visible above water, with the paws firmly on the bottom.

Summer is a great time to spend with your pet. Follow these steps to manage yet enjoy the heat. Stay safe and have fun!

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