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Hallowe'en tips for cats








Hallowe'en is about ghosts and ghouls, but don't make it a scary time for your cat, especially black ones. Here are some practical tips for your furry friends as you go trick-or-treating:

Belinda VandersluisExecutive Director of Toronto Cat Rescue 

  • Secure cats in a different room to avoid them bolting out the door. 

  • Keep candles covered and safe from cats. 

  • Some cats are plastic lickers!  Keep candy, wrappers and plastic decorations out of reach. 

  •  If you manage to get a costume on your cat, don't leave it alone - cats can strangle or swallow harmful bits.  



Tiffany Stevanovich, Montreal cat rescuer




















  • Keep black cats​​​​​​​​ indoors in the days leading up to Hallowe'en. Unfortunately, some, perhaps under the influence of alcohol, may role-play and perform faux-satanic rituals on black cats. Add to that increased foot traffic of children and teens.

  • After All Hallow's Eve, don't throw away your pumpkins. Instead, leave them at the bottom of your garden, local park or woods for squirrels, birds, hedgehogs and foxes to feast on. This time of year, there's less food around for wildlife.


Toronto Cat Rescue - Belinda Vandersluis
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