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Dear Animal Lover,

Thank you for visiting our website! As a Canadian not-for-profit organization, our mission is to raise funds for animal rescues in Ontario and Quebec. Since 2012, we have raised $20,000 to help rescues buy food and supplies, pay for vet bills, and implement a trap neuter-and-spay program for cats. We are dedicated volunteers who believe every pet should have a loving and caring home. Our campaigns and events include fundraisers in Montreal and Toronto, the Quebec Animal Rescuer of the Year Award, a Be Kind to Animals pin you can purchase with a donation online (and also receive a certificate of appreciation).

Our fundraising has benefited Ontario and Quebec animal rescues:

  • Gerdy's Rescues & Adoptions

  • PetitsPawz Cat Refuge of Montreal

  • Rosie Animal Adoption

  • Refuge pour chats de Verdun

  • Nali Animal Orphanage

  • SPCA Montérégie

  • Animatch Dog Adoption

  • Valley Mastiff Rescue

  • Chatopia

  • League of Extraordinary Greyhounds (T-Legs)

  • Loulou's Rescues

  • Big on Beagles

  • Pugalug Pug Rescue

  • Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services (BHRR)

  • Compassionate Animal Adoption Rescue (CAA Rescue)

  • Tiny Paws Dog Rescue Canada

How you can help:

  • Donate: Every penny will improve the lives of animals.

  • Follow us Facebook, Twitter (@Guardiansbest), Instagram (Guardiansbest) and YouTube.

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Pitch perfect trio hit the right note to rescue animals

Interview by Melanie Dziengo

Ladybird one.jpg

Three best friends, two shared passions, and a cat started an unforgettable journey. 

How did your rescue start?


We are the Ladybirds – Lisa Winn, Melissa McClelland and Janine Stoll; best friends who have spent over a decade sharing in each other’s music. Through recording as the Ladybird Sideshow project, touring Canada or simply singing three­ part harmonies in each other’s living rooms over a bottle of wine, our collective passion for music has always been the glue to our friendship. As our music careers veered in different directions over the years, our friendship held strong and our shared ‘other’ passion for animal welfare eventually helped us conceive of Ladybird Animal Sanctuary, bonding the three of us even closer.


It all started with a cat named Oliver, who was abandoned at a local shelter. After spending a year in a cage, and some time not being able to shake what seemed like a cold, he was diagnosed with feline leukaemia (FeLV). In some shelters, this is a death sentence, even though FeLV cats can live long, healthy lives, despite the diagnosis. Oliver was snuggly, affectionate, full of life and certainly did not deserve death just because of his diagnoses. Lisa brought him home, and spent months trying to find him a suitable home, as she already had her share of rescue animals. 


With one foster home, one rescue cat, a website design and some serious word of mouth, we watched Ladybird grow from one simple idea to a registered Canadian charity with a system of 40+ volunteer foster homes, and hundreds of domestic animals rescued from shelters. Each animal is eventually adopted out to a loving forever home, or becomes  a “Permanent Resident” when they are unsuitable for adoption.

Keeping Up with Kenji



Interview by Lauren Park


Sarah Trudelle wanted a friend for her grieving cat. She and her partner, Brandon Calder, went to Refuge Kitty-Kat Rescue in Montreal, where they found love at first sight with playful Kenji. We caught up one evening with Sarah and discussed Kenji’s transition into his forever home.     


Was Kenji your first pet adoption?


Kenji is our third cat adoption. We first adopted Kokoro about six years ago through the Montreal SPCA. 


The second, our first time through Kitty-Kat Rescue, was two years ago. She was a 4-month-old kitten, Katara, we adopted in January 2017. She tested positive for feline leukemia two months later and passed away a year after that. Our time with Katara was short, but she quickly became an integral part of our family and we were completely devastated when she passed.


After a few months, it became clear Kokoro was very lonely, and we started thinking about adopting again. Refuge Kitty-Kat introduced us to Kenji.