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Dear animal lover, 


Thank you for visiting our website! As a Canadian not-for-profit organization, our mission is to raise funds for animal rescues in Ontario and Quebec. Since 2012, we have raised funds to help rescues buy food and supplies, pay for vet bills, and implement a trap neuter-and-spay program for cats. We are dedicated volunteers who believe every pet should have a loving and caring home.


The Guardian’s Best Animal Rescue Foundation is also dedicated to celebrating people who have adopted their pets. This is why we started the Rescue Heroes campaign. As seen on our Instagram page, we honour people who have adopted their pets, reducing the stigma surrounding pet adoption. 


We also host Party 4 Paws in downtown Toronto, and it has become our largest fundraising event of the year. Other fundraising efforts include a Be Kind to Animals pin, fridge magnets, and t-shirts.  Here is a short list of rescues we've helped in Ontario and Quebec: 




Bruno Project St. Lucia

Canine Haven Rescue

Free Korean Dogs 

Full Circle Rescue


Little Res Q 

Mattie's Place 

New Collar Collective 

Niagara Dog Rescue

Ninth Life Cat Rescue of Ontario

Ozzie To The Rescue Canada

Stray to Play 

Team Cat Rescue  

Toronto Cat Rescue 



Animatch Dog Adoption


Gerdy’s Rescues & Adoptions

Refuge Magoo

Rosie Animal Adoption 


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Three's company

Interview by Melanie Dziengo

      Photo courtesy of @taygenny

Photo courtesy of Orhan Kandemir and Ezgi Kilic

Meet 4.5-year old Mika, a Maltese Terrier mix who immediately brought a family of two, Ezgi Kilic and Orhan Gazi Kandemir, together, going against the “three’s a crowd” saying. 



How did first you meet Mika and what made you decide to adopt her?


Ezgi: We decided to adopt a dog after we got married in 2017 and started to search for associations that helped homeless dogs find new parents (in Turkey). Finally, one of our friends connected us with a small local dog society. The founder takes some dogs from the shelters to her home for a week, observe their behaviours, and makes sure they are ready for adoption. She only gives the dogs to people who have a reference from a person who adopted them before (and took good care of the dog).


So, she sent us a picture of Mika, standing alone in the shelter, under a table (It still breaks my heart to think of that helpless and sad look in her eyes). Her eyes, her posture, the way she was licking her nose… We knew she was the one. 


We went to the lady’s house - full of beautiful dogs and cats (which had been bought from pet shops and were forsaken after a few months, and there we saw Mika. She immediately jumped to the sofa and sat between us and laid there the entire time. And that is what she still does. 

High Park's hip check ninja 

Interview by Melanie Dziengo 

Photo courtesy of

Look at Charlie! You’d never guess he was rescued from a meat factory in South Korea. But, now living in Toronto’s High Park neighbourhood, Charlie has become a “hip check ninja,” according to his owner, John Bory, who adopted him from KOCA Dog Rescue in September 2019. Read on to find out more about Charlie’s adoption tale, and about how he’s two different dogs — depending on where Charlie is. 

How old is Charlie and how long have you had him? 


We have had Charlie, a jindo-kooiker mix, since September 2019, when he was almost 3-years-old. We found him on Petfinder initially, and submitted an application on the KOCA Dog Rescue website. 

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